Gordon Rhodes Beef Stew Gourmet Sauce Mix


Gordon Rhodes’ slow cook gourmet beef stew mix is a relaxed and reliable way to create a truly heart-warming, rich and flavoursome gourmet family stew.

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Gordon Rhodes’ Slow Comfortable Beef Stew  Gourmet Sauce Mix is a relaxed and reliable way to create a rich and flavoursome gourmet beef stew. Its a flavour the whole family will adore!

This unique gourmet stew mix is packed full of selected herbs and spices that will help you to create a scrumptious family stew without the fuss. All you have to do is simply add your meat, vegetables and water and let the slow cooker do the rest. Don’t have a slow cooker? Don’t worry. Each packet also includes an easy hob/pan recipe.

In addition to being an incredibly delicious beef stew, we’re proud to say that there are no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. What’s more, it’s Gluten Free Too!

But it doesn’t stop there. From this one delicious stew mix you can make a worldly range of recipes! From Lamb Shank to Pork and Apple Casserole, there’s a whole host of culinary adventures waiting.

So don’t sit and stew on this decision – order today and experience this stew-pendous dish for yourself!


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